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  • I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with this website and business. You have some of the most amazingly adorable and unique things at fab prices and I love it! My order came so quickly and and I loved the items I bought (tree and owl wall decal and the alligator wristlet). Thanks for the coupon and the gift necklace too!! I have now put you in my bookmark under "money and shopping" and certainly plan on ordering from you again!! Keep up the good work!
    Bev H. One Of The Happy Customer
  • Hi there! You guys have been phenomenal about everything, you have been so professional and timely with communication etc. I can tell you right now i WILL be ordering from you again. You are really a class act! Thanks again for the immediate attention to detail and great customer service. I have done 26 years of retail and it's so rare but you at Jupiter55 have it right! Thanks again!
    James P. One Of The Happy Customer
  • You run an AWESOME site! Your layout is great, your service is great, your products are amazing. On top of that, the way you personalize everything is really appreciated. In the times of high-speed service and automated everything, it's really great to see something that I know was packaged by hand. Something that has been cared for by a real human being! Keep up the great work!
    Kate M. One Of The Happy Customer
  • I recently ordered a glovelove sweater from you and, although I found it to come up as a very small size, I wanted to say how beautifully made the item was and how nicely you guys had packed it! It was really nicely wrapped up and I greatly appreciated the free gift, it's super cool :D I definitely will let my friends know about you, I have looked at your site for a long time and until recently hadn't had any spare money to spend on the fab products. Basically, thanks again! The website is wonderful and really well maintained so keep up the good work. I will definitely be buying from you again.
    Zoe G. One Of The Happy Customer